Now that the Obamas have moved out of the White House, life has changed quite a bit for the former first family. From exotic vacations with A-list celebs to embarking on new career endeavors, let’s take a closer look at what life is like for Barack, Michelle, Malia, and SashaRead More →

Apparently over a quarter of newlyweds met through a blind date. Shocking, isn’t it? It stands to reason that celebrities would be using this avenue to find a partner too, right? You betcha. Here are celebrity couples you probably never knew were set up on blind dates.Read More →

Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth couldn’t be happier after tying the knot with Miley Cyrus. The newlyweds made their first major appearance as a married pair at the G’Day USA Los Angeles Gala in Culver City, Calif. on Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019, where Hemsworth shared an inside look at marriedRead More →

After Michael Jordan’s divorce from his first wife was finalized, he surprised us all by giving love another shot when he met Cuban-American model Yvette Prieto. While much is known about Jordan’s iconic basketball career, when it comes to Prieto, she tends to fly under the radar.Read More →

Even A-list stars need to catch a few Z’s every now and then, but their hectic schedules can make snoozing difficult. It’s no wonder so many celebs have been caught falling asleep on live TV — at award shows, during interviews, and to the palpable delight of hawk-eyed Twitter denizensRead More →

Actress Kate Beckinsale revealed that she was hospitalized with a teary-eyed post on Instagram. On Jan. 26, 2019, Beckinsale shared photos of herself from a hospital bed on Instagram, appearing visibly shaken. In the post’s caption, she revealed that she’d suffered a ruptured ovarian cyst.Read More →