If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the fashion industry just might be filled with suck-ups. From clandestine counterfeiters who sell fake brand-name handbags out of their cars to the fast-fashion giants that make runway rip-offs, there’s an epidemic of copying in the fashion world. And celebrities withRead More →

This year’s New York Fashion Week has been awash with fresh and flirty florals, statement hosiery, and quirky, unexpected hair accessories. But we’re not just talking about hair up there. On the Kaimin runway — a South Korean designer who has dressed the likes of Lady Gaga and Bjork —Read More →

The fashion industry is often criticized for promoting unhealthy body images. (“Don’t feed the models,” anyone?) But this year’s Fashion Week was positively snack-tacular. Everyone from rising designer Snow Xue Gao to the established likes of Calvin Klein incorporated food and drinks into their foodie-friendly set designs. Read on forRead More →