Barneys creative ambassador Simon Doonan penned an ode to soccer’s most fashionable stars. Your new book, “Soccer Style,” tackles the intersection of football and fashion — from David Beckham’s sartorial rebellion to Lionel Messi’s Dolce & Gabbana suits. Why are soccer stars so stylish? They’re sample size — so they’reRead More →

When it comes to the fight against animal cruelty, the fashion world has come leaps and bounds recently to stand up for our friends, great and small. And now ASOS is the latest brand to do their bit – banning the use of silk, cashmere, mohair and feathers in itemsRead More →

LONDON – Struggling to make your fashion more personal? No sweat. A London fashion student can help you decorate your attire with crystal accessories formed from your bodily excretions. Royal College of Art graduate Alice Potts showcased her quirky design methods with a pair of ballet shoes adorned with crystalsRead More →