Rob Lowe Tracked Down Liza Minnelli’s Hotel Room at Age 10 to Express His Acting Dreams

Rob Lowe Tracked Down Liza Minnelli's Hotel Room at Age 10 to Express His Acting Dreams

Rob Lowe is sharing the cutest story about meeting Liza Minnelli when he was little!

The now 55-year-old Holiday in the Wild actor stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show on Monday (January 13).

“I’m 10 years old, wanting to be a child actor and I’m living in Dayton, Ohio,” Rob told host Kelly Clarkson. “There is nothing happening, and it’s the mid ’70s.”

After spotting a luggage tag with Liza‘s name on it in a hotel lobby, Rob said, “I go to the front desk and I ask, ‘What room is Liza Minnelli in?’ And they tell me! What were they thinking? I was a 10-year-old boy! I just flat-out asked, and I went up and knocked on the door in the middle of the day.”

“It was the middle of the day and they [Liza and her then-husband Jack Haley Jr.] were in robes and eating chocolate and drinking red wine,” Rob continued. “[I said] ‘Hi, I’m Rob Lowe and I want to be an actor.’”

“She was awesome,” he added. “She invited me into the room. … She was so nice to me, and Liza was fascinated and wanted to know why I wanted to be an actor. She was awesome!”

“Now we are friends,” Rob Lowe said. “She’s the best.”

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Rob Lowe Found Liza Minnelli’s Hotel Room And Told Her He Wanted To Be An Actor At Age 10