Tom Hanks Reveals What Disappointed Him About Renee Zellweger’s Movie ‘Judy’

Tom Hanks Reveals What Disappointed Him About Renee Zellweger's Movie 'Judy'

Renee Zellweger and Tom Hanks are on the cover of one of Variety‘s actors on actors issues.

Here’s what the Judy actress and A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood actor had to share with the mag…

Tom, on Mister Rogers’ secret morning ritual: “Sometimes you get frustrated because you’ve found this nugget that explains the entire character, and you can’t find any place to put it in the movie. We had one thing that I found out: I asked Joanne Rogers, ‘What did Fred drink in the morning? Did he have coffee?’ She said, ‘No, he drank hot cranberry juice.’ I went to Marielle Heller, who was the director of ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,’ and said, ‘Is there any way we can get it in?’ And she said, ‘The most we’re going to be able to do is have a glass of red liquid sitting on the counter there while you’re talking on the phone.’ I said, ‘Good enough for me.’”

Renee, on Judy Garland in Wizard of Oz: “She was 16, wasn’t she? Her body was just starting to change, and I think that one of the tools they’d use to keep her slim was binding her. Because they didn’t want her to be voluptuous, because they had finally found a way to market her as the girl next door. And God forbid that Dorothy be sexy, you know? So they bound her, and kept her weight down with drugs.”

Tom, on what disappointed him about Renee’s movie Judy: “I was disappointed that we didn’t get to see you recreate moments from ‘The Harvey Girls’ or ‘Meet Me in St. Louis’ where — this is from reading that I did — [Garland] had that negative self-image that she wasn’t the prettiest woman in the world on camera. And yet, she’s the only one you look at, you know?”

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