Lil Peep ‘Belgium’ Video Premieres With Heartfelt Note From Director Mezzy – Watch Now

Lil Peep 'Belgium' Video Premieres With Heartfelt Note From Director Mezzy - Watch Now

The video for the late Lil Peep‘s “Belgium” is here.

The posthumous visual from the rapper, who tragically died at the age of 21 in 2017, debuted on Tuesday (November 12).

Director Mezzy shared a heartfelt message along with the video.

“‘Belgium’ is a very special track for me. Artists lives are chaotic and wrought with pressure from all sides, but that day in Ghent, Belgium was one of the only times I had where I can say that I truly got to know Gus. On the flight in, I interviewed him and he spoke about how the gothic architecture of the town was very calming to him. Later, on our way to soundcheck we passed by this amazing castle, and we were both immediately struck by it. We wanted to wander inside, but it was closed,” Mezzy wrote.

“I suggested we go back the next day, so we woke up early to go see it, but yet again, it was closed. So we loitered around town and smoked by the castle until everyone else joined us at McDonalds. In that time we really just talked, and connected. We fed ducks with an old man who seemed to ignore us, probably because of Gus‘ look. Gus said he was used to that treatment, but the ‘ducks don’t mind’ that really stuck with me. The next time I saw him, at his final tour stop back in la. He met my girlfriend Syd. He came up to us with that huge smile you see in the next slide. He immediately said to me, ‘the ducks don’t mind’ and laughed. I introduced him to Syd, he said ‘I know you, you guys have been together forever, 10 years right?’ and she laughed.”

“I was never able to ask him why he named the song after Belgium, but sitting her thinking about it now, I don’t think I had to because it was very special to me and clearly special to him- and that is all that matters.”

Watch the music video for Lil Peep‘s “Belgium” inside…