Kate Bosworth Explains Why She ‘Wasn’t Cool’ Growing Up

Kate Bosworth Explains Why She 'Wasn't Cool' Growing Up

Kate Bosworth is on the cover of Elle Canada‘s December 2019 issue, out now.

On her relationship with style: “My first introduction to fashion was not actually as an actress but as a young girl, through my dad. He worked for a company that had the finest fabrics and textiles. He would pick up a tie and say: ‘Do you feel this? This is called cashmere.’ From a very early age, I really understood artisanal quality, but I wasn’t cool.”

On being intimidated by teenagers today: “I know! Honestly, I watch Euphoria, created by my really good friend Sam Levinson, and I don’t know if I am in love with Jules or if I want to be Jules.”

On indulgence: “For me, indulgence means taking a lot of personal time. I love my work, but I am dedicated to it more than myself at times. So just recently, after filming and producing The I-Land and Nona, I decided to take a month to myself. It was a lot of quiet time reading, unplugging from my phone completely and reconnecting with myself. In a crucial moment, I realized that, as an artist, as a human being, as a wife and as a friend, you’ve got to focus on moving inward as much as outward. It’s important to nurture that, otherwise you’re going to hit a sticking point.”

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