Nina Dobrev Addresses Feud Rumors with ‘Vampire Diaries’ Co-Star Paul Wesley

Nina Dobrev Addresses Feud Rumors with 'Vampire Diaries' Co-Star Paul Wesley

Nina Dobrev is officially setting the record straight on rumors that she and Paul Wesley didn’t get along while filming The Vampire Diaries.

During a new interview on the podcast Chicks in the Office, the 30-year-old actress cleared up the headlines she made back in June after saying she and the 37-year-old “didn’t get along at the beginning of the show.”

In the new interview, Nina said that the whole “story was blown out of proportion to such a crazy degree.”

“I guess nothing else was happening that week ‘cause every outlet picked it up,” Nina shared on the podcast. “I felt like I was Brangelina. You know what, guys? We’re not.”

Nina continued to say that she was only referring “a very brief moment in time [when] we did not get along.”

“Just like any human wouldn’t,” Nina continued. “If you said that you and your parents have loved each other unconditionally and your siblings from the moment you were born until the day that you die, you’d be a f–king liar.”

Nina then went on to explain how you become a “family” on set and that sometimes little fights happen.

“You spend every waking moment together—probably more moments than you do with your real family because you’re there from, like, 5 in the morning until midnight, 6 a.m. sometimes,” Nina said. “So you see each other with makeup, without makeup, on good days, on bad days, when you’re hungry, when you’re thirsty, when you’re tired. So, there are going to be mood swings. It was one of those things that we just—it’s not that we didn’t like each other. We just didn’t appreciate each other as much as we do now—and that, of course, got blown [out] of proportion. They took one sentence out of context and deleted all of the other ones where I’m like, ‘I love him. We’re best friends now.’”

The two are totally good now and they snapped a sweet pic last year during a reunion!