Jeremy Renner Drops Three New Songs for ‘Summer of Jeep’ Commercials – Watch Now!

Jeremy Renner Drops Three New Songs for 'Summer of Jeep' Commercials - Watch Now!

Jeremy Renner stars in three commercials for Jeep‘s new “Summer of Jeep” campaign!

The 48-year-old Avengers: Endgame actor also debuted three new songs with the ads.

“My family was my first love, and then music,” Jeremy told People. “Acting came into my brain around 20. Music has always been my first love as far as something other than my family.”

“[What] makes [music] greater [than acting] is that I get to stay here in my home and do it and get to be around the people I love,” he added. “During my other love, which is movies, it takes me away.”

The new singles and commercials, directed by Jeff Tomsic, are titled “Main Attraction,” “Nomad,” and “Sign.”

Jeremy describes the sound as “Imagine Dragons meets Queen. … I love both of those bands very much.”

On the possibility of a full album one day, Jeremy said, “There’s a bunch of music written. That’s all I know. There’s a bunch of music written, and that’s a future thing. I’m happy to share music now, which I wasn’t before.”

Watch and listen to Jeremy Renner‘s new material now, and be sure to check out his other new song, “Heaven Don’t Have a Name,” if you haven’t yet!

Jeremy Renner – “Main Attraction”

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