Awkwafina Thought Her Life Would Be ‘Mediocre’

Awkwafina Thought Her Life Would Be 'Mediocre'

Awkwafina is featured in the new issue of WSJ. Magazine’s first all-digital issue!

Here’s what the 31-year-old actress had to share with the mag…

On creating her stage name: “People still to this day are very confused whether my parents actually named me that. [Awkwafina] existed to me when I was 15—I made her up in my head. To see it on a chair back?”

On her success: “There’s a lot of anxiety, but also this disbelief that it’s actually happening. It’s crazy. I have dreams all the time that my life is a dream, and I wake up and I’m back working at the bodega and living in my sh*tty Brooklyn apartment.”

On what she thought her life would be: “I think when I was young I had trouble finding a connection between childhood, teenagehood and then adulthood. And I really didn’t think my life would be anything more than mediocre.”

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