Trevor Noah & Jimmy Fallon Give Their Best ‘Stoned Trump’ Impressions – Watch Here!

Trevor Noah & Jimmy Fallon Give Their Best 'Stoned Trump' Impressions - Watch Here!

Trevor Noah dropped in on The Tonight Show on Tuesday night (June 25) and played a game of political impressions with Jimmy Fallon!

The 44-year-old host explained to the 35-year-old Daily Show host that the “impression generator” they were about to use would “land on one random politician and one random topic,” and whoever’s turn it was would have to improvise an impersonation of that political figure discussing the chosen topic.

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There were the usual big names — Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, and Beto O’Rourke — but it’s the impression of President Donald Trump “smoking weed for the first time” that truly stole the show – Watch the segment here!

Trevor Noah also described what it was like doing his Loud and Clear stand-up tour in Canada after Toronto’s NBA Finals win, speaking to astronauts in space in his free time and what he expects from the first 2020 Democratic debates.

Wheel of Political Impressions with Trevor Noah

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Trevor Noah Spoke to Astronauts in Space at NASA