Mark Ronson Drops New Track ‘Find U Again’ with Camila Cabello – Download Here!

Mark Ronson Drops New Track 'Find U Again' with Camila Cabello - Download Here!

Mark Ronson just debuted his new collaboration with Camila Cabello!

“Find U Again” is one of the new tracks from his upcoming album, Feelings.

Mark shared that ever since hearing the melody from Tame Impala‘s Kevin Parker, he was determined to have it on his upcoming album.

“Then we’re just… until Camila came along and wrote those verses and just sang that thing like nobody sounded anywhere near the person that we’d… we must’ve tried a couple of people, but I don’t know what it was,” he shared.

Mark added, “When you’re trying to write lyrics to a pre-existing melody, it is very challenging and most people usually just… she just nailed it. She cracked the code. I was just in my brain at a loss, and I was thinking the person that has to sing this song, it has to have such a combination of different things because it’s almost like this laser, the way the voice cuts through. Very few people have that.”

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