Mathew V Releases Powerful New Video for ‘Flashback’ – Watch Here!

Mathew V Releases Powerful New Video for 'Flashback' - Watch Here!

Mathew V bares it all in the official music video for his emotional new single, “Flashback“!

In the track, the Canadian singer-songwriter shares his experience as a survivor of sexual violence.

Mathew wrote this song to start a conversation and let others know they are not alone: “Writing this song was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my life,” he said in a statement. “I wrote this song about my experience with sexual violence/rape at seventeen years old, and how that situation has influenced and affected my life today. It was something that I always knew I had to process, and had always avoided. But with every new song I wrote, I still had this in my closet, this weight on my chest.”

“I know that when I went through what I did, I felt so ashamed and alone,” Mathew continued. “I felt like I couldn’t tell anyone what had happened to me because they would think that I was weak, that I was less of a man because I couldn’t fight back, because I was scared. If I’m being totally honest, I felt so poorly about myself at the time that I thought people wouldn’t believe me. I thought that people wouldn’t believe that anyone would have wanted me that way. It was later that I learned how large an issue rape and sexual violence is within the gay community, and in society as a whole. I was lucky enough to have resources to turn to in Vancouver. I called a sexual education toll free phone line and I was directed to the proper medical treatment for my situation. I strongly urge everyone to look into the resources in your area. Start a conversation. This is something we can talk about, and we have to talk about.”

You can stream “Flashback” on Spotify and download on iTunes now!

Mathew V – Flashback (Official Music Video)