Julianne Moore Comments on Joe Biden’s ‘Inappropriate Touching’

Julianne Moore Comments on Joe Biden's 'Inappropriate Touching'

Julianne Moore strikes a stunning pose on the July 2019 cover of Tatler magazine, available on digital download and on newsstands on Thursday (May 23).

Here’s what the 58-year-old Still Alice actress had to share with the mag:

On her freckles, which she’s spoken of having loathed “between the ages of seven and 49″: “I still don’t like them… I’d prefer not to have them, but I do have them and so, so what? It’s okay to have something you don’t love. It’s really alright.”

On taking control of her life: “It wasn’t until I was in my early 30s and I was really unhappy that I realized I hadn’t made my personal life a priority. I realized: ‘I really want this. I want to be married. I want to have children.’ … Growing up in the late ’70s, I definitely got the message that it was important to have a career and that I had to work to make that happen. But there was this idea that you don’t need to work for your personal life – that it was supposed to be like a romantic comedy: You meet someone, have a couple of dates and there you go. That’s just not true. Life is finite. This idea that you can do whatever you want at whatever time, it’s not true in terms of work and it’s not true in terms of having a family.”

On #MeToo and how the atmosphere has changed on set: “We’ve been inculcated with this idea that men were allowed to do certain things. Even something casual, like a man you didn’t know kissing you hello rather than shaking your hand – we used to tolerate that because we were told: ‘He doesn’t mean anything by it, he’s just being friendly.’”

On Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s Vice President’s “inappropriate touching“: “My husband [Bart Freundlich] and I were discussing just this, and he said, ‘That kind of stuff’s okay at a family party.’ And I said, ‘No, it’s not.’ I remember someone who was that way when I was a kid and I was uncomfortable and I couldn’t say anything. The only person I could say something to was my sister, and she felt the same way. So this sort of discussion is a real change, and it’s important.”

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