Patricia Arquette Pushes for Women’s Rights in Washington, D.C.

Patricia Arquette Pushes for Women's Rights in Washington, D.C.

Patricia Arquette attends a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday (April 30) in Washington, D.C.

The Oscar-winning actress, who currently stars on Hulu’s The Act, was there to deliver a passionate plea in support of the Equal Right Amendment.

The ERA was passed by Congress back in 1972, but was never ratified as it was three states short of the 38 needed before the deadline in 1982. A new bill hopes to eliminate the deadline.

“There’s a groundswell in this country,” Patricia said at the hearing (via Huffington Post). “Women are rising up by the millions and saying they will not be sexually assaulted, they will not be paid less, they will not be treated as subhuman and they will have their voices heard.”