Jaime King Doesn’t Believe in Rules for Parenting Her Kids

Jaime King Doesn't Believe in Rules for Parenting Her Kids

Jaime King steps out to distribute items to women in need on Tuesday afternoon (April 30) at Claris Health in Inglewood, Calif.

The Black Summer actress teamed up with Rainbow Light and Vitamin Angels to give back.

Jaime recently opened up about her parenting style and why she doesn’t believe in a rulebook for being a parent.

“There aren’t rules and I think it’s BS to try and tell people that there are rules,” Jaime told ET. “Being a parent is the most electrifying, beautiful, glorious, terrifying… it’s like someone takes your heart and puts it in another body and your heart is walking around with them. There’s all of these theories and ideas and rules and regulations and I call BS. Bottom line, I say take care of yourself so you can take care of others, love yourself and love others, and don’t hurt yourself and don’t hurt others.”