Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Gets a Feature in ‘Vogue’

Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Gets a Feature in 'Vogue'

Pete Buttigieg ties his tie while posing for a photo featured in Vogue‘s June 2019 issue, on newsstands in NY/LA on May 14.

Here is what the 37-year-old Democratic Presidential Candidate had to share with the mag:

On his nontraditional background: “People don’t like traditional politicians. People with nontraditional presidential backgrounds—that’s become a real asset. Also to have no, or very little, congressional voting record to defend.”

On the importance of legalization of same-sex marriage: “As somebody whose marriage—the single most important thing in my life—exists as the consequence of a single-vote margin on the Supreme Court, I can’t ever forget what’s at stake in politics.”

On the significance of the upcoming election: “The next Democratic president, no matter what their disposition, is just going to be operating on very different territory than Obama could, with a lot more potential. The next presidency could, I’d say, define an era in no smaller way than either FDR or Reagan.”

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