Tom Holland on His First Day on ‘Spider-Man’ Set: ‘I Felt Like I Had It in the Bag!’

Tom Holland on His First Day on 'Spider-Man' Set: 'I Felt Like I Had It in the Bag!'

Tom Holland lounges on a swing on the new cover of Man About Town magazine, available only at

Here’s what the 22-year-old Avengers: Infinity War actor had to share with the mag:

On working with Robert Downey Jr.: “[He’s] just such a breath of fresh air, and for me to get the chance to work with him in such a professional capacity – it’s so refreshing. It shows that you can be the most successful person in the industry and not be a dick, you know?”

On his obsession with Spider-Man: “I’ve been playing Spider-Man in my bedroom since I was a kid. I grew up watching the films and I watched all the cartoons. I was kind of obsessed with him. When I walked on set for my first day it was my first day on the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) but it was my thousandth time playing Spider-Man so I felt like I had it in the bag. … I feel like a lot of Superheroes are very abnormal people. Tony Stark is a billionaire, Captain America is a super solider, Thor is a god and I just think that it’s nice to have a kid.”

On staying grounded despite his fame: “My parents and brothers are such cool people that they wouldn’t really let my life change that much. I’ll come home from a hard day’s work and my mum will tell me to do the dishes, ‘It’s your turn.’”

On the power of superhero films: “There seem to be horrible things all over the world, and these films are a really nice way to forget about the world in which we’re living, enter into this magical world, enjoy a bit of freedom and watch these people who we admire and who we look up to do good and ultimately save the day.”

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