John Legend to Produce ‘Love at First Song’ Music-Dating Reality Show

John Legend to Produce 'Love at First Song' Music-Dating Reality Show

John Legend has a new competition show in the works!

The 40-year-old musician’s Get Lifted Film Co. is partnering with American Idol producer Simon Lythgoe‘s Legacy Productions and Critical Content to produce the new reality show Love at First Song.

The show “creates couples through emotional performances in which single singers “virtually” rehearse a romantic duet, then reveal themselves and their potential chemistry during performance. These couples then live together, practice together, perform and compete together, but may swap partners in every episode — for love or music,” Deadline reports.

Love at First Song originally debuted in Vietnam to huge success and now John and his new partners want to bring the show to the U.S.

“Having worked on some of the biggest reality singing competitions in the world like American Idol and Popstars, this is the first format I’ve seen in a decade that’s a unique hybrid having all the right ingredients to be a huge international success,” Simon said in a statement. “And more importantly, Love at First Song has the potential to launch the next great duo like Tim [McGraw] & Faith [Hill], Sonny & Cher or Jay-Z & Beyoncé.”