Oprah Winfrey Announces Two Apple Docs, New Book Club!

Oprah Winfrey Announces Two Apple Docs, New Book Club!

Oprah Winfrey speaks on stage during Apple’s “It’s Showtime” event at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park on Monday morning (March 25) in Cupertino, Calif.

During the event, Apple announced the launch of its new video streaming service, among other things, and Oprah was there to reveal how she’s involved!

Oprah is working on two documentaries for Apple. One if a titled Toxic Labor and it deals with sexual harassment in the workplace. The other is a multi-part series “on mental health and how the scourge of depression and anxiety, post-traumatic stress, addiction, trauma and loss is just devastating lives daily across the globe.”

Another exciting project is Oprah‘s new super-sized Book Club!

“I want to convene a meeting of the mind connecting us through books,” she said while revealing she’ll host live interviews on the service. “For me there is nothing more thrilling than being transported by a brilliant book. The only other thing more gratifying than an extraordinary read is being able share that experience with others, and we’re going to do just that by building the biggest, the most vibrant, the most stimulating Book Club on the planet!”