Caitriona Balfe Slams the Oscars for Not Airing Some Awards

Caitriona Balfe Slams the Oscars for Not Airing Some Awards

Caitriona Balfe speaks on stage during Starz’s Fiercely Female Panel at the 2019 Winter TCA Tour on Tuesday afternoon (February 12) in Pasadena, Calif.

The 39-year-old Outlander actress took to her Twitter account that day to slam The Academy for how the organization plans to hand out awards at the upcoming Oscars.

Four categories will not be announced lived during the show and will instead be delegated to the commercial breaks.

“What the F@*k ?? Cinematography, editing, hair and make up and live action shorts Oscars aren’t going to be aired. Who on Earth is making these fucked up decisions. Movie making is a collaborative experience with each and every cog in the wheel playing an essential role in the making of whatever project. No one part of the endeavor is more important or more valuable than the rest,” Caitriona wrote.

She continued, “How could a film exist without a cinematographer???? And editor???? An academy that demeans such essential roles is one that obviously doesn’t understand the film making process. Every actor will tell you so much of how they build their character is through hair and make up. ALSO essential to the process. And for the people who have slaved and sweated and broke their backs and bank balances to make short films that are purely creative endeavors and very rarely will ever make money … the prospect of getting an Oscar and people learning about you and your project is essential and been the springboard for countless careers. Ughhhhh so bloody disgusted by this decision. Everyone should have their moment to shine … if they deserve an Oscar they deserve their moment. It’s bullllllshit!!!!”