Alyson Stoner Opens Up About Entering Treatment For Eating Disorders

Alyson Stoner Opens Up About Entering Treatment For Eating Disorders

Alyson Stoner is opening up about checking into rehab to deal with her eating disorders.

The 25-year-old musician and dancer just revealed that back in 2011, she was hospitalized and entered treatment for anorexia nervosa, exercise bulimia and binge-eating disorder, after years of suffering from career related health problems.

“I had actually wanted to get help for some time, and my schedule didn’t allow for it. So I had already needed hospitalization, but I had to complete projects. The second that I finished the contract, I told my family that I was going. They knew. Everyone around knew,” Alyson told People.

She added that things got so bad, that she was documenting “the grams of polyunsaturated fat and added sugar in every bite I ate” and even casting directors were noticing.

“They would just tell me that I need help and [need] to go home and take care of my health because my eyes were sunken in and I was tired and lifeless. The scary part is I wasn’t even the smallest person on set,” Alison explained.

While in treatment, Alyson was also diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, OCD tendencies and alexithymia, which is a dysfunction in emotional awareness often linked to PTSD.

Thankfully, Alyson is doing much better today and wants her story to encourage fans to take care of themselves.

“I just want [fans] to soak in it and find themselves in this story and use it as a weapon for their own good. I want them to know that I’m really grateful for their support and I just hold our conversations so precious and so near to my heart,” she concluded.