Awkwafina Opens Up About ‘Cancel Culture’ & Her Unexpected Proudest Moment of 2018!

Awkwafina Opens Up About 'Cancel Culture' & Her Unexpected Proudest Moment of 2018!

Awkwafina is on the cover of the latest issue of PorterEdit, out now.

Here’s what the 29-year-old Crazy Rich Asians star had to say…

On “cancel culture”: “If you were to say the same things you’d said in 2012 or do some things, it would just be like a cancel [now]. But [acting out of] fear… is that the right thing? Or should you just do what’s right? Not throw people under the bus, not do s–t that’s messed up, not abuse minorities… [I guess] sometimes it takes being canceled to understand.”

On how the death of her mother when she was four influenced her performer personality: “I really do, looking back now, attribute whatever comedic sensibility I have to that traumatic event. I think I developed and used humor very early as a defense mechanism, to make people around me feel joy instead of sorrow. That was when I started to perform.”

On her unexpected proudest moment of 2018: “When I was fired from my job for shooting [the song] ‘My Vag,’ I felt disgraced, shamed, and I never got over it. Recently my old boss wrote me this email congratulating me. I still carry that sadness, so it gave me a level of closure.”

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